Tailor made digital content

Client: Yumpu.com, Austria

The Internet is loud, it’s crowded and it’s almost impossible to be heard above all the pointless memes and kitten videos. With over a million users and readers every day, Yumpu.com is an incredibly popular digital publication service. It is used by hundreds of magazines, including Wired UK, Rolling Stone and Elle Décor. However, like all good digital service providers, they did not want to rest on their laurels and so decided to “up their content game” to keep attracting new users and fans.

The Challenges:

Content marketing plays a role in all online and offline strategies ever created, and rightly so, as it can be powerful stuff in the right hands. However, the noise made by low standard content marketing generators can give a brand a bad name. Like everything, you only get out what you put in, and cutting corners is never a wise idea. Yumpu.com wanted to match the standard of their service with the standard of their content. They decided to create meaningful, readable, enjoyable and functional content that people actually wanted to read and would increase their ROI.

The Work:

After researching Yumpu.com and its user demographics, as well as getting up to speed with all the key words and terms I could use to optimise the SEO, I decided to divide my content into user groups. Inside each group I created 5-10 personalities and wrote my articles from the perspective of each user, talking to a specific audience. It was tailored, considered and came from real life relevant experience.

People know when they are being sold to, it’s uncomfortable and it plays to the lowest common denominator. Crafted, intelligent work, with integrity, will highlight your respect for your users and readers, and will help solidify brand loyalty. Users are not fools; users are not numbers without faces, they are people who want a real human connection.

The Results:

The client has never seen content like it (and I’m pretty chuffed with it, too!). The next year will see more content from me, and more ROI for Yumpu.com