Increasing brand awareness

Client: Edelweiss Dentistry, Austria

With the continuing advances in technology boosting and accelerating developments in dental products, the competition to maintain market share in the sector is fierce. Brand loyalty is more valuable than ever and Edelweiss Dentistry - global leaders in innovative and unique dental veneer systems - wanted to convert their B2B-focused brand into a recognisable, accessible and functioning B2C brand to increase consumer awareness.

The Challenges

Guiding a company through a sea-change takes a huge amount of stakeholder investment, backed up with detailed programmes of research into the companies sector, its competition and the global market place. It was also key to find the right balance between ‘medical service provider’ and ‘lifestyle consumer product’, to promote and encourage consumer investment in the brand, while never undervaluing the technology and sophistication of the products.

The Work:

I set about an extensive research project into global markets. I guided comparison workshops for premium and luxury brands, against harder, science-led products. I conducted a full competitor audit and analysis. I interviewed consumers and dental professionals. We held workshops for all the internal teams, international consultants and the CEO.

I even looked into the psychology of the consumer and their ‘smile’, including the key values of self-confidence and the modern ego. Once I had this extensive array of valuable insights, I could create their story. I began to distil and dissect my findings, and these went on to shape the intelligent and functional Brand Positioning Statement, Brand Guidelines and Creative Master Strategy.

The Results:

Edelweiss Dentistry now has strong and intelligent foundations on which to build their brand, ones that are designed to support them in their continued growth.

The next phases of work will be focused on multiple digital platforms as well as traditional social media, and will be rolling out over the next year.