English for tourism

Client: Bodensee-Vorarlberg Tourismus GmbH, Austria

Our free time is incredibly precious to us. In fact, it is so precious that we use monetary terminology when we talk about it: we ‘spend’ our free time, we don’t just ‘use’ it. Due to the important role it plays in our lives, we will also invest in it. As a result of this, and increased ‘disposable income,’ the tourism industry has seen growth year on year. Austria alone generated over 24 billion Euro in revenue in 2016 (over 9% of the country’s GDP).

With figures this attractive, it is no surprise that tourism is a very competitive sector, and every destination wants to encourage people to invest in them. The Internet has opened up the world to us all and today we can be our own personal travel agents. We can research destinations and go to trusted sites like TripAdvisor.com for confirmation of our findings. To compete online, today’s destinations have to make themselves accessible to the largest possible online audiences and they have to stand out above all the ‘noise’. To do this requires an attractive and useable online presence, including a collection of fascinating stories in multiple media formats, and it also requires information to be communicated in the most popular online language, English.

The Challenges:

The team at bodensee-vorarlberg.com had strategized, developed and crafted key elements of their marketing activity to increase their online presence and to raise awareness of the region as a desirable destination. They wanted to make sure they capitalised on this investment and they asked me to take key parts of their carefully curated online content and tell the stories in English.

The Work:

Taking the original texts, images, films and audio, I set to work taking on board as much information about the region, its assets and the over-arching brand tone of bodensee-vorarlberg.com. I had to make sure none of the passion, detail or accuracy was lost in my translation. Where possible, I had to make the phrasing and metaphors, imagery and emotional narrative more accessible to those using in the website in English and to support SEO activity.

The Results:

Business is booming in the area and it continues to grow. There will be a continued investment in English language communications to maintain momentum in business development and help telling the unique and touching stories like this one.