Branding a digital future

Client: Kinneir Dufort, Global

Recognised as world leaders in innovation and design, Kinneir Dufort are a consultancy of over 80 engineers, designers, thinkers and doers, delivering over 500 projects a year for clients including Coca Cola, Unilever, Roche, Bosch and Sony. 60% of all their business is conducted internationally and this figure continues to grow.

The Challenges:

Kinneir Dufort required a full rebranding process and a new, content led, digital marketing strategy to maximise the potential of their growing global clientele.  To keep up with their client’s demands for insights and inspiration and to make a secure and prominent stand in their industry,  Kinnier Dufort had to establish themselves as recognised thought-leaders, sharing their ideas, innovations and expertise in a functional, yet engaging way online.

Taking a company, and its senior management, through this large digital transformation required a lot of dedication and enthusiasm. The whole company had to come on the journey together and they had to be inspired by the changes in the marketing activity, to be a pivotal part of it.

The Work:

Core focus areas where assessed and work began with the complete brand revision process, resulting in a complete rebrand in 2015.  Once this was complete and introduced companywide we moved onto rolling this out across a newly designed agile website that launched in 2016.   The rebranding process energised the team and helped us gain momentum in content creation, feeding the second phase of work, focused on content marketing and social media.

The strategizing, management, creation and curation of all the content outputs were my key focus. We created film and video content, animation, interactive web pages, thought leader pieces used both online and at conferences and design festivals.   I was tuned into the company, its team and the international industry at large, allowing me to recognise the potential opportunities and act on them by matching the skills and personality to the opportunities and delivering content in the optimal format. It was my job to make sure every part of the marketing and communications activity worked towards a larger strategic goals and that we reached the largest possible audience.

The Results:

A powerful agile website is up and running and traffic levels are increasing. Social media follower numbers are growing and the requests to share ideas and opinions at conferences and with the international media keep coming in.

What has been created for Kinneir Dufort is and online “hub of knowledge”, dedicated to sharing the insights and expertise of the whole team.  A vast online tool that clients’ and the media of can use to learn more about the work Kinnier Dufort and the wider global impact of the work they create.