May 19, 2017

Best of the Best

I am over the moon!   So proud to announce that my innovative, passionate and all round lovely client, Tailfin, has just won another huge design award. They have received the Red Dot- Best of the Best. Red Dot - Best of the Best is the highest accolade from Red Dot and has previously been won by Ferrari, Apple, Microsoft and other large blue chip organisations with massive design teams. Nick Broadbent, is a designer and engineer who had a vision. Today his vision is very much a reality. You utter champion.  Well done.
Walking into a lamp post
I’m late to this party I know, but I could not help but share this gem from Sundance 2017 This hilarious collection of interwoven micro-stories, by film writer and director Peter Huang, explores behavioural traits that we all recognise today. Poking fun at the Instagramers, the porn-obsessives, the selfie takers and the phone-flushers, these five stories unite perfectly to show us the dumber side of technology. The phones maybe smart…we are not.  Enjoy.
Allegro Campaign uses powerful Storytelling
Is it just me, or is the stuff on the internet a bit rubbish? It’s certainly not what it once was. It was originally conceived as a place for us all to connect and share ideas and generally be groovy to each other. However, today it feels like it's turned into something that inflates negativity and increases the human discontent. Facebook has replaced the traditional media, resulting in a barrage of trash, and Fake News is running amuck with facts and integrity. This perfect storm means content marketing has reached a breaking point. People are savvy to being sold to and they distrust and dismiss badly executed blogs, videos and social media campaigns, and rightly so! Content marketing needs to up its game in order to fend off the audiences growing intolerance of junk-content and clickbait, and the solution, I think, lies in generating empathy through storytelling.
Like any average March morning, the sky felt heavy, it was slatey and brooding, the sun was feigning an effort to peep out from behind heavy dark clouds, and the air had a distinct chill in it. I had woken up feeling decidedly grumpy, and the mood stuck with me as I trudged through the houses, down towards WIFI Dornbirn. As a native English speaker here in Vorarlberg, I had been called upon to judge a regional English language contest for the students studying their Matura. I felt sorry for them already because my mood that morning made me a harsh critic of almost everything and everyone. Pessimism 1 - Optimism 0
A small bronze girl stands, chin raised, eyes wide. Her small hands, clenched into fists, sit firmly on her hips. Her feet are placed on the ground, hip width apart, and she stares with defiance at the charging bull of Wall Street, New York.
I don’t mind people asking me this question, which is a good thing really as I am asked it every time I meet someone new in Austria. The truth is very simple really, I am here to