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What my Clients say

It was a pleasure to work with Bronwen. We got to know her as an enthusiastic and energetic person, able to motivate every employee in the company instantly. She helped us improve our brand and the quality of the work she produced is outstanding.  Everyone had a great time working with Bronwen and everyone was fully engaged in the process. She helped us analyze the entire company image and created a guide to implement our new brand philosophy. We thank Bron a lot for her excellent work and can´t wait to work with her again.

Stephan Lampl
CEO, Edelweiß

Bronwen, through her energy, intelligence and proactive, results-focused drive, achieved significant enhancement of Kinneir Dufort’s profile via press, web and social media, as well as within the design community, key industry sectors and our own team

Craig Whiteman
Design Director, Kinneir Dufort

Bronwen is insightful, clever and a joy to work with. Her bright ideas and strategic skills helped keep Tailfin on track with our launch ensuring we had the right press in the right places at the right time!

Nick Broadbent
Founder, Tailfin

Bronwen not only delivers all our digital content on brand, on point and to the highest standards, she also adds spirit and passion to the work that engages with our users. Some things can’t be learnt, the experience that Bronwen has makes her the perfect consultant for anyone wanting to improve their branding, marketing or communications.

Martin Frainer
Online Marketing Manage, Yumpu

Bronwen has proven to be an excellent collaborator and team member on several projects. She is quick to understand the needs of both the client and the markets they work in.   Professional and focused, and yet fun to work with.

Anthony Kolanko
Product Design Engineer, Hydro International