A campaign to stand up to all the Bull

A small bronze girl stands, chin raised, eyes wide. Her small hands, clenched into fists, sit firmly on her hips. Her feet are placed on the ground, hip width apart, and she stares with defiance at the charging bull of Wall Street, New York.

The Fearless Girl

She was placed there on March 8th, symbolising female leadership today and tomorrow, as part of a campaign called The Fearless Girl. Created by McCann for their client, State Street Global Advisors, Kristen Visbal’s bronze statue was the heart of a campaign created to raise awareness about employment inequalities and to put pressure on companies to appoint more women to their boards.

This message is also advanced by a recent MSCI study, which shows that companies with strong female leadership generated a return on equity of 10.1 percent per year, versus 7.4 percent for those without a critical mass of women at the top.

This small symbolic girl was a perfect blend of art and creativity, used to its maximum effect in juxtaposition with the often hard and brittle world of finance and politics. It reached a brilliant new level of visual storytelling.


She erased the toxic jargon and posturing that often surrounds debates on such topics as equality, and left us with the bare face of defiance, strength and empowerment that will be required to turn about this much needed sea-change.


A campaign based on integrity, passion and a solid goal does not need tricks or gimmicks. A campaign that has a heart and soul needs only an understandable, accessible and effective symbol to tell its story, and the digital world and its users will do the rest.

Push for change

The March 8th launch fell on International Women’s Day, a day dedicated to raising awareness about civil liberties, reproductive rights, workplace discrimination, and economic inequality — a day upon which this fearless girl reminds us to push for change.